$ 1,550.00

In our full lunch menu you will be able to choose from chicken or escovitch fish which can be served with rice or festival and steam vegetable, A Juice will be served among the meal and a cake will also be presented. Description of food can be seen below: 



The arawaks were the original settlers in Jamaica. They used spices ,hot peppers and sea salt to make a jerk marinade for chicken, pork and fish. They then preserved the meat with a drying process called barbequeing. 




Is a type of Jamaican dish that consist of fish and other ingredients. It is serve with Rice in this option alongside with cake and juice.





RICE & PEASrice2

Rice and peas is a collaboration of culture, rice from the chinese, spices from the indians, peas from large african influences and coconut milk from southern asia, and we have a truly multicultural dish.


STEAM VEGcabbage-jamaican-style-11

Is a dish that is prepared with only vegetables mostly cabbage. It looks as the image shown at the right.