$ 3,950.00
$ 650.00
$ 1,550.00

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This is the paintball starter. In this option you will receive 200 balls for the marker gun and you will also be provided with protective gears such as mask and chest protector. This exercise is about testing your limits while having fun, How do you apply that newly gained knowledge for the benefit of the Team.



200 BALLSdownload (1)

  • Each person who purchase this option will be provided with 200 balls. These balls are ammo that will be used in the marker as bullets. To receive more balls please see paintball upgraded and photos for graphical explanation of what this item appears to be.





  • The marker also known as the gun is an equipment that is used to shoot the paint balls. Each individual will get one marker for this option, Examples of marker can be found below or  in the photos tab above.





  • A mask is a required tool for paintball because it protects the head from dangerous hazards such as twigs and fired balls. Each individual will be provided with a mask. For examples of paintball masks please click the photos tab to see pictures.






  • The chest protector is a tool that is placed over the chest that protects an individual from firing bullets and environmental hazards. Each person will be granted one of these tool, Examples of chest protector can be seen in the photos tab above and also in the image below.




We rent the following items:

  • PAINTBALL SHIRT                                                                                           $500:EACH
  • CHEST PROTECTOR                                                                                       $350:EACH
  • ELBOW SHIELD                                                                                               $200:EACH
  • KNEE SHIELD                                                                                                   $200:EACH
  • BALLS                                                                                                                $800 PER 100