Hevans Scent was the first attraction to bring ziplines to Jamaica. Since then, we have grown to have multiple lines all set amidst the hillside of their luscious location.


Once on the launch platform 40ft up. the instructor gives you your final briefing and then you are ready to zip 500 ft, across the valley.

you are then met on the other side by two members of staff, who take you off the line and then it is a short walk up to ride number two


 Once attached to the zip line at ground level, You are required to run to the edge and Jump off, this gives you the momentum to traverse 500ft across the valley back to where it all began.




THE SCREAMER, (giant swing)

 One two or three sit in a seat , then an automatic winch takes the group up to 60ft in the air, a ripcord is pulled this releases the seat holding all the riders, they then swing at 180 degrees. And keep moving till it all comes to a stop.






AWESOME (Zip Line)

 Located across the other side of the road, one of the longest rides on the Island 1200ft across a scenic valley. You get belayed up to a platform 50ft in the air. For this ride you must weight more than 110lbs and no more than 250lbs. This is the thrill of a lifetime. Once you get to the other side of the valley, you are taken off the line. A walk up the hillside pass goats and cows lead you to the fastest ride.




 From a platform 10ft off the ground there is a safety check then you push off holding up your legs as you skim close to the ground, picking up speed all the time on your way 1200ft across a scenic valley, back to where you left a few moments ago.